• BRIM PU TFP series

    1.Excellent compression resistance, durable sealing and buffering performance; 2.The material itself has flame retardant performance; 3.Good chemical resistance; 4.Easy to process, can be used with a variety of adhesives.

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  • BRIM AMSCOI silicone foam mate

    1. Durability: strong adaptability, tight sealing and long duration; 2. Durable: durable, with chemical inertia; 3. Flame retardant: flame retardant waterproof, can prevent the invasion of small particles and water (IP67); 4. Easy to use: uncover the r

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  • BRIM online foaming PT200

    1. High compliance, especially suitable for three-dimensional complex structure and facade 2. Thinner than the existing foam, better effect in the thinner sealing field 3. Seamless combination with shell for more accurate height and coverage 4. Wide ad

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  • BRIM collision resistant mater

    1. Dynamic stress response, nanosecond deformation 2 collision, impact, when soft is soft, strong is strong 3. Intelligent flexible elastic materials, nanosecond recovery 4. Smart materials produce different reactions to different impact forces

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  • BRIM silicone heat conducting

    1. Good insulation performance; 2. Good compressibility; 3. Soft and high resilience, no fracture under high tensile strength; 4. Moderate hardness, easy to cut, customizable.

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  • BRIM special silicone rubber

    BRIM special silicone rubber is a sealing material developed for the problems such as repeated changes of high and low temperature, large temperature difference and high corrosion of electrolyte. Compared with other common rubber has better extreme tempe

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By providing advanced materials technology, applied knowledge and global production and design collaboration, BRIM is driving continuous breakthroughs in reliability, efficiency and performance in the materials sector.Let us help you create a cleaner, safer and more connected world.

Elastomeric Material Solutions

There is a range of products to choose from.Importantly, the nature and function of bubbles are consistent over time and across a range of environmental conditions.

Non - Newtonian material Solutions

BRIM, together with scientific and technological personnel from senior colleges and universities, explored and developed intelligent anti-collisi.

Power Electronics Solutions

Brim relies on advanced materials technology to improve efficiency, manage heat and ensure the quality and reliability of your equipment.

As a suitor in the field of new materials, BRIM is willing to drive continuous breakthroughs in reliability, efficiency and high performance.

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